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On the Nuking of the van Allen Belts, the Dark Side of the Moon, the WTC and Who are the Real Powers that Be: Ultimate Truths, Part I

Ultimate Truths, Part XVI: On The Nature of Man’s Evil Deeds-- Is All the Mass Killing Due To Genetics, Learned Behavior, or Control By Others?

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Ultimate Truths, Part XVI: On The Nature of Man’s Evil Deeds

Is All the Mass Killing Due To Genetics, Learned Behavior, or Control By Others?

by The Anonymous Physicist

Copyright, December 12, 2008 by the Anonymous Physicist. Permission granted for all to re-transmit, post, etc as long as it is non-profit and “Copyright, Anonymous Physicist” remains on it. All other rights reserved.

Mankind’s recorded history can be summarized as a collection of wars, exterminations, crusades, etc. Many have asked why there has been-- and is-- so much killing, evil, and seeming chaos. Many treatises, written by scholars and others, have attempted to answer this question. The field even has a name-- ponerology--for the study of evil or injustice. However nearly all these works were written from the standpoint of sociology, superficial politics, economics, philosophy, psychology, or religion. These bases, and their authors, are in fact ignorant of the most crucial elements needed to accurately answer this perhaps most important question. I also believe that many of these treatises on evil are deliberate disinformation, as the actual Powers That Be (PTB) can ill afford to have the real answer to this question revealed to Mankind, else a revolt might ensue. A corollary to this issue, that is also often asked about, is how is it that Man has advanced technology and physical science, yet at this same time, his collective behavior is still so barbaric?

Let us examine some of the previous ponerological theories. Some can be dismissed because their basis is devoid of reality, such as the ones based on “God,” the “Devil,” or simplistic views of “Good vs. Evil.” Religion, however, has been used as an excuse for wars and crusades and the like. Similarly, nationalism has also been such an excuse. In fact, the two concepts of “God and Country” seem to invariably lead to the “thinking” that “everyone’s is better than everyone else’s.” (Exemplified by the Nazis’ motto: “Deutschland über alles” or “Germany over everyone”.) The issue of race or ethnicity is also used similarly. But have these concepts led to the wars and mass murders in a chaotic, random, or “natural” way? Or have the ideas of race, religion, and country been cleverly used in covert fashion to control Mankind, and to get him to mass murder himself? This is actually the case, as Germans (previously) got along mostly well with those the Nazi regime ended up exterminating-- Jews, Gypsies/Romani, Slavs, etc. And for the most part, so did Hutus and Tutsis, in Rwanda. The larger, hidden question is-- were all these different races, religions, nationalities created with the idea of perennial war and mass killing in mind?

Some theories on evil may have an element of truth in them, such as the psychological basis of evil. These proponents say that psychopaths/sociopaths exist in a certain percentage of the human population, and due to their nature and cleverness, they rise to the top. They then have the power to commit mass murder senselessly (because they are psychopaths). The element of truth is that the (seeming) heads of state that have their country commit mass murder probably are devoid of conscience, and are sociopathic. But the knowledge of Ultimate Truths reveals that these supposed sociopathic leaders are EMPLACED in powerful positions with the aid of secret societies that control governments. The subsequent “evil deeds” performed by such leaders are, in fact, scripted for them to perform, by the actual PTB; and the sociopath/psychopath theory fails. Similarly there are those who will say that these horrible mass killings are due to the nature of Man (or some men). Some throw in their hidden racism here. Einstein said Germans were evil to their core-- and should be nuked; others say the Rwandan massacre occurred because “those primitive black people do those kinds of things,” etc. But this “thinking” also fails because we have learned that the Nazi regime was implanted and controlled by the English PTB, and that “Hitler was a British agent.” Likewise, recent revelations on the Rwandan Genocide show that both the missile shoot-down of their President that started the killing, and the subsequent killing itself, were controlled or facilitated by European powers and the USA.

Let us briefly look into the modern barbarism of Man, say during the last 200 years. This period is marked by the greatest wholesale killing in Man’s “official” recorded history. We have had the many millions killed in the two World Wars, and the many, so-called local wars (Korea, Vietnam, Afghanistan, Iraq, many others). We have also seen several mass famines that have been revealed to have been artificially created by governments. This includes the so-called Irish “potato famine” of the 1850's, and the famine in the USSR in the 1930’s. The Irish famine should more appropriately be called the British-created Irish Holocaust, as England took all the livestock and grain from Ireland and left mostly just potatoes, which then had a blight, which itself may have been induced. 5.5 million people are said to have died. And the British propaganda machine is so good that few, beyond the Irish, know that this was a deliberate act by the English regime. However, the country with the greatest propaganda machine is the USA. Recently a Russian researcher demonstrated, via America’s own census statistics, that 7 million Americans likely died of starvation during the Great Depression of the 1930’s, and also showed that much food was thrown out during this time. This research appears to be valid and true, though few Americans know this or would believe it-- their brainwashing being so thorough that they think their regime is variously near-perfect, or innocently inept, when horrendous crimes are committed (by their regime) against the people. The USSR also had a mass famine in the 1930’s that was deliberately created by its regime-- tens of millions may have died. Likewise the Chinese Communist regime also is said to have killed tens of millions in its famine that occurred after it came to power. Even in today’s world, millions are starving in “Third World” countries in Africa and Asia-- all the while there are so many millionaires and billionaires on the planet. Fake, controlled famines have been covert forms of extermination, or holocausts. That likely remains the case to this day-- in Somalia, Ethiopia and other countries. Famine has a long and sordid history. If the recent ones (Ireland, USSR, USA, China) are known to have been created by the Covert Ops of Govt’s, maybe many of the famines from long ago were as well.

Then there have been the more obvious exterminations/genocides including the Armenian Holocaust, of the early 20th Century, perpetrated (and still denied) by the Turkish Gov’t-- killing some 1.5 million Armenians, the Nazi extermination of some 13 million people in death camps-- including Jews, Gypsies, Slavs, homosexuals, alleged retardates, political prisoners, captured “enemy combatants,” the Cambodian Genocide that killed 1.7 million people, the Rwandan Genocide whereby nearly one million Tutsis were killed by Hutus, and the ongoing Congo massacre whereby 5.4 million people have been said to have been killed in the last few years. A history of modern genocide is here.

One aspect of the issue of Man’s alleged evil nature is rarely, if ever addressed. This is the wholesale poisoning of Mankind, and its affect on the brain and behavior of Mankind. Man’s food, water, and air (smog, chemtrails) are ever more poisoned. Our medicines are toxic and may be causing more harm than good, our dental fillings are called “silver” yet are over half mercury, likewise our infants are forced to have vaccinations also with mercury and other toxins. The proven carcinogen fluoride is added to water and is in many medicines, and toothpastes. The German Nazi regime is said to have fluoridated water because it made people docile. Is the same rationale ongoing in the USA? In a ludicrous “environmental” change, incandescent bulbs are soon to be phased out and replaced with more efficient fluorescent bulbs that all have mercury within them?! All the toxins in the food, water, air, medicines, fillings, vaccines have a terrible effect on people’s brains. Few people can truly think and change, or have the courage to act. These toxins also cause much chronic, degenerative illness, cancer, etc. The mercury in vaccines does cause autism. Many people are made into nervous, or depressed, automatons by their addictions to caffeine, nicotine or alcohol. Even excess sugar can have this effect. Few people know that humans actually become addicted to things that are toxic or allergenic for them. This is the so-called allergy-addiction syndrome. Even common foods like wheat and cow’s milk products cause much mental and physical illness in some people. Dairy and wheat have only been consumed by Man for 5,000- 10,000 years; and is said to coincide with the onset of some mental illnesses. Studies have found that violent, convicted criminals’ behaviors were changed and improved after improving their diet. The same is true of learning disorders in children. It is vastly easier to control Mankind if he is in a stupefied, nervous, fearful, state. Others may be more likely to experience anger and be willing to kill and die, if loaded up on these toxic elements. So we must ask, how many of the evil acts performed by people are facilitated by Man’s wholesale poisoning? And we should not forget how some individuals were/are massively poisoned for exposing the real nature of the PTB.

When Man, or the people of a certain country, commits acts of great evil, does it support a nature or nurture basis? One area that has received much study is the Nazi Holocaust. (One hopes that future studies will be undertaken on American soldiers’ often-heinous behavior in Vietnam, Iraq and Afghanistan, as well as ALL other nations, Israel included, whose policies are also barbaric towards the people they control.) Now the capture and trial of Adolf Eichmann led to both the book [not read here], “Eichmann in Jerusalem: A Report on the Banality of Evil” and the Milgram Psychology Experiments.

The “Banality of Evil” book, and Eichmann’s life, demonstrate that a mass murderer may-- contrary to previous belief-- be a very average man. He may be a non-thinking, “order following” bureaucrat, not someone especially sadistic (previously), or someone who has deep beliefs in any ideas whatsoever. Eichmann apparently was just trying to follow the orders of his superiors, and get ahead in the government, but that didn’t help him at his trial. His order-following defense was discounted by the judges. He was convicted and hung. He was cremated and had his ashes scattered in international waters. His last words were, “…I had to obey the rules of war and my flag. I am ready.”

The Milgram Experiments should be read by all; they were a set of controlled, scientific experiments that demonstrated that about 65% of people will obey an authority figure and administer electric shock to people when asked to-- even when the person supposedly receiving the shocks is screaming and begging for it to stop. Indeed many continued to supposedly administer the shocks even after one recipient-- a supposed heart patient-- feigned non-responsiveness. It is important to realize that the 65% authority-obedience rate occurred when the subjects were not at any risk if they refused to shock the other person. When civilians or military personnel are under threat of arrest or court martial for disobeying, the percentage of Mankind that will commit acts of torture or murder will likely be significantly higher. It is indeed a sobering thought that most of your friends, neighbors, and everyone else, will mindlessly obey and torture and kill you, even if you are innocent of any wrongdoing, if “the authorities” ask or demand this!

But this knowledge then causes us to ask if there are any factors that have lead to such blind obedience to authority in most people. The wholesale poisoning of Mankind-- and thus his/her brain/mind-- was already discussed. But a knowledge of Ultimate Truths (see below) dictates that we must ask if this is a genetic weakness; i.e., was Man designed to have such brain/behavioral defects, by his evil creators? Or can the Milgram blind obedience results be, at least in part, a learned behavior? Is it a deliberately induced behavior, by the PTB? Has the 65% obedience rate been duplicated in other countries and societies? And how is it that 1/3 of the subjects did not show this potentially grave defect-- that can lead to either partaking in evil, or not trying to counter one’s gov’t from committing evil acts? And what can be done to get the other 2/3 to give up this harmful blind obedience to authority figures? This may be both the most crucial and the most practical question to ask. We should not shrink from the (horrific) implication that the Milgram Experiments indicate that there may literally be millions or billions of potential, order-obeying Eichmann’s among the human race! Perhaps it is very telling that Govt’s have not acted to try to counter this dangerous, deadly blind-obedience to authority-- indicating their hand in creating it. In conclusion, the Milgram Experiments alone are insufficient to answer the deeper questions in this article. But these experiments do show that many people have a dangerous capacity of great obedience to authority. If the ultimate authorities, on this Planet, are immensely evil, we could end up with the horrific events that comprise much of Man’s history. On the other hand, if the ultimate authorities were good, people would follow them and our history might have been very different.

I now have some final thoughts on both the Milgram experiments, and on Eichmann’s trial on charges of Genocide, and Crimes Against Humanity. Eichmann’s trial judges and later Supreme Court (Appeal) judges did not adjudicate this matter lightly. They wanted to be fair, and to look fair, as they knew innocent Jews in other lands might lose their lives as a retaliation for their verdict-- which turned out to be the case in Argentina, and elsewhere. Nonetheless, their guilty verdict, like the Nuremberg Tribunal guilty verdicts, obviated the “following orders,” or blind obedience to authority “excuse”, that 65% of Man may have inherent (or learned) in his/her nature. One 1945 quote from Eichmann may have helped convict him. He said, "I will leap into my grave laughing because the feeling that I have five million human beings on my conscience is for me a source of extraordinary satisfaction.” [Eichmann had meticulously tallied the numbers of those transported/killed under his command. It was both a significant bureaucratic accomplishment, and apparently a source of personal satisfaction for him.] Wiki quotes Eichmann’s counter, at his trial. He claimed that he was referring only to "enemies of the Reich [Gov’t]" in that quote. Notice first that at a trial for his life, when confronted with his own statement to a former “colleague”, he did NOT deny his personal involvement in killing 5 million human beings/Jews. [Something that also needs to be realized by those in the conspiracy field when they see someone, or some website, claiming either that it never happened, or the number of victims was vastly smaller.] Apparently if Eichmann’s Gov’t declared certain human beings to be “enemies of the state,” he then had no qualms on murdering them en masse. His last words (above), indicate that a state of war having been declared by his Govt, further-- in his mind-- legitimized mass murder of the people his regime had declared to be enemies. This ”logic” of declaring a war, has been used by many regimes-- notably the American one for some time, and especially after 9/11/01-- to attempt to validate (for the masses) its mass murder of innocents.

Sadly I assert that Eichmann’s view of one’s Gov’t as an entity that must always be blindly, and even gleefully, obeyed is actually held now by many-- perhaps a significant majority [in agreement with Milgram]-- of those, in the USA, that either work for, or otherwise benefit from, or have benefited-- or believe that they have-- from the American Federal Government. The Israeli judges, in Jerusalem, like the earlier Nuremberg Tribunal Judges, declared that obeying authorities, or even your Gov’t, is not a legal excuse for war, genocide, or mass killing of human beings. This judgment must be promulgated to all military personnel, and others who work for Gov’ts worldwide! In this light, the People of the world do indeed need to indict the top Americans who ordered the mass killing and torture of people in Iraq and Aghanistan, as well as the nearly 3,000 Americans killed by their own regime on 9/11, as the American regime’s bogus “Reichstag Fire” excuse to wage perennial war on Mankind. The fact that no other national gov’t has issued such an indictment against the top American military and civilian leaders, including Bush and Cheney, indicates again a global conspiracy against Mankind, and against the causes of Justice and Peace, and is a betrayal of the Nuremberg Principles. The precedent of the Eichmann affair of kidnap, trial and execution desperately needs to be repeated on the American rulers, or else the lessons from Nuremberg and Jerusalem, that serve to counter the defects in Man that were delineated by the Milgram Experiments, will be lost. This not happening again shows that all of Mankind’s gov’ts are under the control of immensely powerful and evil forces who are deadset against Justice and Peace for Mankind.

A related book [read here] is “Hitler’s Willing Executioners: Ordinary Germans and the Holocaust.” The author depicts how many ordinary Germans submitted to mindless propaganda, and ended up committing the most dastardly of deeds. It helped end the claims that “few Germans knew,” or that especially sadistic men were selected to perform the sadistic deeds. Horrific acts of torture and murder are depicted, as well as the everyman nature of those who committed these acts. One remarkable fact revealed was that the Nazi SS allowed their soldiers who could not stand killing or torturing people, sometimes even infants, to get out of such duties without any penalty or mark on their records! The author found evidence that ONLY ONE OUT OF THOUSANDS OF SS MURDERERS ASKED FOR OTHER DUTIES! Most of these previously, average people apparently, mindlessly committed heinous acts on helpless innocent human beings TO THE VERY LAST MINUTE the war was to end. But is this none other than a manifestation of the Milgram Experiments’ obedience to authority results? Except here: 1. the authority figure is “THE GOVERNMENT,” and “THE MILITARY” not merely a researcher in a lab, and 2. here these former average people are directly torturing and killing innocent people, without any doubt, and 3. these people have received much, prior indoctrination. Does the Milgram 65% blind obedience go to 99% of humanity under these circumstances? The only alternative is the Einstein understanding that Germans are evil to their genes. I doubt that there is anything special about the German people in this regard. We only have to witness American troops in Iraq, when Iraq never attacked the United States. While it is not country-wide American policy to carry out extermination, each American soldier is there to potentially kill people that did NOTHING to his countrymen.

Another fact demonstrated was that, contrary to what was claimed by the German people, millions knew about the extermination. The author shows how many were involved in transporting, guarding or other involvement with those to be exterminated. One major city ran a newspaper article freely admitting to it. The author lays blame on the Gov’t and the Catholic Church for their propaganda against those to be exterminated. All this is relevant to the American people’s complacency, as its regime targets alleged “Islamo-terrorists” and any nation on Earth, for the alleged act of the fictitious Al-CIA-duh’s 19 Arab “hijackers” destruction of the WTC. Not very many Americans are willing to investigate the fact that the plane impacts depict impossible crash Physics (and are thus merely CGI [Computer Generated Imagery] created for TV viewing by the masses), and thus did not take place; or that the great heat in the WTC rubble pile, for up to six months afterwards, virtually proves the American regime nuked its own people, and the China Syndrome resulted. Instead massive denial comes into play-- as it did with the Nazi takeover of Germany. All too many people seem happy to digest the propaganda/lies from their TVs, and conclude “America über alles,” rather than face the fact that their Gov’t is setting them up for total disaster, also like what happened in Nazi Germany. Germans still mostly do not know, or want to accept, that “Hitler was a British agent”. Likewise the Israeli regime’s often-heinous treatment of Palestinians is particularly odious coming from a people that were decimated by similar treatment so historically recently. Being a victim of genocide is no excuse for perpetrating it, or a slower version of it, on others! This appears also to be the case in the Congo, during the last decade; as the nearly exterminated Tutsis are allegedly involved in killing millions in the Congo. Rare minerals needed for electronic devices in the “civilized” nations is said to be the underlying reason for this mass murder. There is little doubt that the “hidden hand” of the PTB will ultimately again be uncovered for causing this extermination.

One fascinating thing I have observed is that many people are uplifted by the heroic behavior of those who acted “humanely” to save innocent people from mass murder-- even though both history and the Milgram experiment shows most people will not act similarly. It seems that many are moved to learn about people who risked everything-- and sometimes paid the ultimate price for saving people who were “not their own,” except, of course, that such people view all people as their own. Most people know about Raoul Wallenberg, and Oskar Schindler and his wife Emilie-- who has not been given proper credit for her amazing heroic deeds. There have been numerous other people who acted similarly. But one such rescuer--an Italian man who ended up saving 5,000 people in Budapest--has had a book [not read here] written about him that has a title that is very relevant to this article. The book is called “The Banality Of Goodness: The Story of Giorgio Perlasca.” See also Wiki on this story. Note the author’s phrase, “The Banality of Goodness” as a title; because he- -in contradistinction to the Eichmann matter-- wanted to show that a very average person (up to that point in his life) could not help but do so much good for so many desperate, innocent people, when he found himself in a position to do these good deeds, and at great risk to himself.

The “Banality of Goodness” aspect of Man’s nature brings me to some events, and depictions, of World War I. I assert that they may relate to the real nature of Mankind, if only s/he were allowed to be in control of him/herself. During the 1914 Christmas of WWI, French, Scottish and German troops near each other, in the trenches, briefly put down their weapons and celebrated Christmas together--for a night and a day--before being ordered to go back to killing each other. The recent film [seen here], “Joyeux Noel” depicted this. But in 1957, Stanley Kubrick’s great film [seen here], “Paths of Glory” was loosely based on this and other events of WWI. The ending of this movie is said to be one of the best and most moving scenes in cinema history. It is here on Youtube. It shows French troops jeering a frightened, captured, young German woman, as she is forced to sing for them. The reaction of the French troops to her innocence must be seen to comprehend the true nature of most people, if only their controlling “authorities” were not of such an evil nature that most people cannot even comprehend. I believe it shows what Man could be, if these “authorities” could be found and eliminated, and Man was left to himself.

The earlier part of that movie is also loosely based on actual events. It shows, a top French General ordering French artillery to shell their own troops to help force them out of the trenches, and to attack “the enemy.” When that didn’t quite work out as planned, several Frenchmen are later scapegoated, and handpicked for bogus cowardice, and a firing squad. Near the end, in a move that rarely occurs in reality, that top French General himself is tried for the shelling of his own troops. This brings us to the foul deeds perpetrated on the foot soldiers in the trenches on the very last day of WWI. The American commander was General John J. Pershing. Wiki says, “He controversially ordered his troops to continue fighting after the Armistice was signed. This resulted in 3,500 US casualties [killed or seriously wounded] on the last day of the war, an act which was regarded as murder by several officers under his command.” While the German troops either retreated or defensively waited in place, till the “eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh month” for the Armistice to go into effect, Pershing (and subsequently, numerous subordinate, high-ranking officers) had given the order for American soldiers to charge the German lines-- lines that they would, in minutes, be able to casually walk across-- literally UNTIL THE VERY LAST MINUTE before the Armistice went into effect! Some French and British top Generals acted similarly. Pershing and other American Generals would lie to a Congressional hearing and get away with it, about these events, and just exactly when they had learned the Armistice was to go into effect. Pershing was REWARDED and promoted to be the first USA “General of the Armies” the next year, and “was the model for the top WWII Generals.” He was the only one to hold that 6-Star equivalent rank, until George Washington was posthumously awarded that rank in 1976. In 1961, Nuclear-tipped Intermediate Range Ballistic Missiles were (appropriately?) named after Pershing. Instead of being rewarded, Pershing should have been tried and convicted for the mass murder of his own troops, and for treason, and hung-- are you reading this, American servicemen and women? This is who commands you, and what their goals really are. Again the Pershing matter, and his remarkable reward-- instead of being hung-- shows that the evil in Man’s affairs, is due to the highest levels in his Gov’ts, and those that control these Gov’ts.

So it is clear that if left alone, human beings will make peace with each other; but those in control demand that human beings perennially do two things-- kill and die. I have revealed the horrific reasons for this here: The Wars, the exterminations, are all for bogus reasons, and are “set-ups” by those who control Mankind. This brings us to the “learned behavior” aspect of the bogus “Nature or Nurture” debate. The PTB, in fact, realize that Mankind must undergo heavy brainwashing from a person’s earliest existence. “Patriotism” indoctrination begins in the youngest years in public or private school. Religious indoctrination is also forced upon most children early on, by their already totally brainwashed parents, and the Churches. The MSM (especially TV)-- “news” and entertainment also bombard human beings from their earliest days. Few humans are then ever able to free their minds again, and break away from the kill and die mentality, for whatever cause the PTB are pushing at the moment. Eighteen year-olds are brainwashed to give up their entire existence and go off to far away lands and possibly die for bogus reasons, and they can’t think not to do it. Many become senseless murderers and torturers of innocent human beings. Few can think for themselves and, like Muhammad Ali simply say, “I got nothing against them Viet Cong-- or Iraqis, or whoever.” The Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr. was assassinated by the American Regime-- as proclaimed by an American judge and jury-- one year to the day that he first spoke out against the War on Vietnam, and called the USA the “greatest purveyor of evil in the world today.”

In this light, we know what happened when America, and the world, finally got a true prince of peace-- President Kennedy. He refused to war against Laos, Vietnam, Cuba, or to do the “big one” during the Cuban Missile Crisis. He promised “not merely peace in our time but peace for all time.” Listen here. When the PTB felt threatened by his call to end war, and have Peace, they issued their “Report From The Iron Mountain” that heinously declared that war was necessary and good for Mankind. Kennedy ordered the return of the first 1,000 “advisors” from Vietnam (and thus begin the end of the Vietnam conflict before it ever got going); and that order was countermanded by the Joint Chiefs of Staff, just before he was assassinated. I have also revealed here that President Kennedy had found out that the President did not have actual control of the launch of America’s nuclear arsenal, and had attempted to wrest control of this from the military. All this indicates that the actual nature of Man’s governments is far from what is publicly portrayed. And that war, and other events-- on the grand scale-- are controlled by others, and forced upon Man.

More explicitly now, a true understanding of (previously hidden or misunderstood) nuclear matters proves-- beyond any reasonable doubt-- that Man’s alleged evil nature is actually due to the controlling machinations of hidden forces that have been delineated in my Ultimate Tuths (U.T.s) series of articles. In more detail, to study Man’s supposedly evil nature, nothing can be more important than studying that most evil of matters-- the massive stockpiling of nuclear bombs and ICBMs--that, if unleashed, could completely exterminate all of Mankind! And in my U.T. articles, I have demonstrated that:

1. the very creation of nuclear bombs--including dates known hundreds of years earlier--which I assert was the entire purpose for World War II,
2. the actual facts involved in nuking Hirsohima and Nagassaki when Japan had tried to surrender well before then and there were only civilians there,
3. the events of Maury Island and Roswell, which followed Hiroshima and Nagasaki, were actually the Quarantiners trying to stop the further nuking of Man by his evil (Quarantined) Creators, by trying to take out the Hanford Plutonium Plant and the Roswell Army Air Force Atomic Bomber Group,
4. the use of the “33” code in all these matters that I have revealed, proving that the nefarious secret societies are in control of all Gov’ts, and all important matters,
5. the subsequent stockpiling of the massive numbers of nukes/ICBMs-- that could (needlessly) wipe out Mankind SEVERAL TIMES OVER,
6. the efforts by the USA and the USSR to nuke the far side of the Moon,
7. the American nuking (1958-1963) of the near Earth Space (Quarantine Escape-Related) that allegedly altered the Van Allen Radiation belts that protect the entire Earth from radiation from Space,
8. the fact that the elected President of the USA actually has no control of the launching of America’s nuclear arsenal
9. all of the above can be explained ONLY by the fact of what I called the Cosmic Criminal Creators of Mankind trying to break through the Quarantine around the Earth in which they have been trapped for 50,000 years or more now.
10. Likewise, no species would endanger its entire existence by creating nuclear or biological (AIDS, Ebola, etc.) weapons of mass destruction that could get out of control and exterminate all of Mankind-- unless they never were under Man’s control!

Indeed any one-- let alone all-- of the above matters, in itself, is probably sufficient to prove the case I am making here. E.g., the massive numbers of nuclear bombs and ICBMs being capable of (needlessly) wiping out all of Mankind several times over, demonstrates that nuking only the alleged “enemy” is not what they were intended for-- rather either Quarantine Escape, or the extermination of ALL of Mankind (including the country from which the nukes would be launched from) is the true intent of all the nukes and ICBMs, and other WMD, that exist on Earth. Furthermore, I have also demonstrated that all the “enemies” involved in the World Wars and Cold War were, behind the scenes, actually in cooperation with each other! All of this indicates that the evil perpetrated against Mankind does not, in fact, originate from Mankind! Rather the alleged evil actions of Mankind have always been ultimately dictated by Man’s Cosmic Criminal Creators quarantined down here. This is further indicated by the evidence (Sodom/Gomorrah and the Mahabharata/Kashmir) of several previous, possibly global, nuclear wars on Earth in the last tens of thousands of years.

So the question of how could Man have advanced science and technology, yet still be backwards and barbaric in his behavior towards his own species is thus shown to be specious. The truth is that Mankind is totally controlled, and that all the science and technology he creates, or appears to create, as indicated here is to be used for the control and killing of Mankind, plus one other goal-- Quarantine escape. Everything that our alien criminal creators force Man to do is ultimately for the goal of breaking though the Quarantine/Grid/Bio-Net. And they have tightly controlled Mankind since they created us. Man has some of their DNA, which also prevents Man from passing through the Quarantine around the near-Earth Space. Thus the need to make poor, fake Moon Landing videos. But if we have some of their DNA (Man made in “god’s” image), and they are so evil as to create and then exterminate millions or billions of sentient beings-- as appears to have been perpetrated against either the present or previous species of Man (Cro Magnon Man, Neanderthal Man, or other)-- then Man himself could be inherently, extremely evil from this alien DNA. But again all the evidence and history indicates that when left to their own devices, most human beings just want Peace. And the immense efforts the PTB have to go through to brainwash, deceive, and control Man indicate again that without all this, Man would NOT be waging perennial war on himself. A cohesive picture, derived from all my articles, has demonstrated that all the wars, and WMD are either forced upon, or given to, Mankind for the SCRIPTED, forced mass murdering of himself, and for the related Quarantine escape. All other attempts to explain the nature of evil in man are thus shown to be either ignorant of the most crucial, and previously hidden (or denied) facts, or they are deliberate disinfo-- perhaps the final covert element in the scheme to hide the control of Man by the actual PTB. Man, like any other biological entity, is far from perfect; but Man’s behavior, or evil deeds-- on the grand scale-- have all been scripted for him, for countless generations.

To summarize, I assert that the preponderance of the evidence indicates that the evil Man has done, and is doing today, on the macroscopic scale, is mostly due to Man's actions being dictated by extremely evil beings who created him, and have controlled him ever since. These controllers have had one goal in mind-- Quarantine escape. Both the nature and nuture (genetic and learned) aspects in Man's often evil behavior are superseded, in importance and causation, by the hidden truth of Mankind's total control, on the grand scale, by the alien criminals who created Man to be their slaves, 50,000 or more years ago; and who have held a tight and evil grip, over all Man's important affairs ever since.

It is hoped that those in the intelligence agencies and the military, from soldier/seaman to General/Admiral, will find this knowledge, analyze it, see the crucial truth in it, and then utilize it when the time comes. Utilize this knowledge, to CEASE BEING GUTLESS AUTOMATON EICHMANNS, and do not kill innocent and good human beings. Rather ascertain where our Cosmic Criminal Creators are, and who their top, evil human lackeys are; and then do the right thing, in the NAME OF ALL HUMANITY-- WHICH IS ON THE WHOLE, A GOOD, NOT EVIL, SPECIES-- IF ONLY WE WERE LEFT ALONE.

Sunday, June 17, 2007

The Ultimate Truth, Part I

On the Nuking of: the van Allen Belts, the Dark Side of the Moon, the WTC; & Who are the Real Powers that Be © June 16, 2007 by the Anonymous Physicist. Permission granted for all to re-transmit, post, etc as long as “© Anonymous Physicist” remains on it

The Anonymous Physicist comments first on the nuking of the van Allen Belts, and the planned nuking of the dark side of the Moon. He then uses those ideas, and others to try to get at who is really in charge of Mankind. This may be crucial information of the highest order. Research it and judge for yourself. He recommends both a healthy skepticism, and an open mind, as do I.

First off, Wiki announces at the top of this article that “This article may require cleanup to meet Wikipedia's quality standards.” Since Wiki doesn’t have the highest veracity standards, this should generate great caution as to this article’s veracity. Then, for those of us who know “ultimate truths,” the end of the article is, IMO, the most revealing: “The summer of 1962 was problematic for nuclear weapons aboard Thor rockets. The Bluegill nuclear test on June 4, 1962, was aborted 10 minutes after launch when the missile tracking system failed prior to nuclear detonation; the nuclear device was lost and the Thor destroyed. The original Starfish test on June 20, 1962, failed one minute after launch, again losing the nuclear device and destroying the Thor; radioactive metal and debris rained over Johnston Island. The summer concluded with extensive plutonium contamination of Johnston Island and following the failed Bluegill Prime nuclear test on July 26, 1962, which was aborted on the launch pad after the Thor engine malfunctioned on ignition.”

Before going on, I hope people realize, despite the public proclamation, that NASA is a thoroughly, military agency. But by 1962, the U.S. Air Force and NASA (if they were really different) had pretty good track records in launch success. I have little doubt that all these “failures” were not accidents. They were deliberately blown up, by OTHERS who knew what they were about to be launched for! Before I explain in detail, let us examine the two programs that both the U.S. and the USSR regimes partook in, in the late 1950’s and 1960’s. I have already informed you that the “Cold War” was bogus, as is the “War on Terr-ism” now. (Although the shorter version of that is all too real—“War on Terre.”) So the same “others” down here and in control of both the US and USSR regimes ran these two extraordinary and secret programs. (The nuking plans for the dark side of the Moon were only declassified in the last 7 years or so.) 1. The nuking of Near Earth outer space. (Or the Van Allen radiation belts), 2. The attempted nuking of the dark/back/hidden side of the Moon. I assert that the first program endangered the existence of Mankind and all life on this planet! Interfering with Earth’s magnetic field is capable of the most dire of consequences as the magnetic field protects Earth from all sorts of energetic particles from the Sun and from more distant sources which sometimes emit massive fluxes of high-energy particles. Perhaps also even the disappearing ozone layer was affected too. Of course, others have found that even the rocket exhausts have caused significant damage to the protective ozone layer around the Earth. I assert that there was no scientific basis for exploding fission then fusion bombs in outer space, near the Earth. The Wiki article’s (probably written by a govt shill) desperate attempt to find a scientific benefit is a joke. A radioactive Cadmium tracer was “included” in the Starfish Prime H-bomb and supposedly led to tracking air masses, and it states that EMP was studied. Now a tracer could have been sent into space without exploding H-bombs into Earth’s protective field! And EMPs can be (and are) studied without nuking the Earth’s magnetic field. Again from Wiki itself: “Thermonuclear weapons are also less efficient at producing EMP because the first stage can pre-ionise the air [3], which becomes conductive and hence rapidly shorts out the electron Compton currents generated by the final, larger yield thermonuclear stage. Hence, small pure fission weapons with thin cases are far more efficient at causing EMP than most megaton bombs.” And they had earlier exploded fission bombs into the van Allen Belts. So this is a lie, if they purport that this H-Bomb nuking was about studying EMP! So there was no valid reason to proceed to nuking the Belt, or near-Earth Space, and I assert no scientific reason for exploding fission bombs there either, especially since it risked endangering humankind and all life here.

When this is coupled with the planned nuking of the dark side of the Moon by, once again, the hidden allies-- the US and the USSR, the reasoning becomes clear. But let us first examine the planned nuking of the Moon. Both sides began planning this in the 1950’s, which, of course, is the very earliest they could have tried to do it. Again letting us know what both the ICBMs and all the nukes really are about, in my opinion! The rational from both sides of the bogus “Cold War” was, per usual, the same. “We wanted to show the other side, our great power.” As if exploding 50 megaton H-bombs and testing ICBMs all over the Earth didn’t already make the point! And I assert again that “showing” something when you are going to do it at the hidden side of the Moon is obviously a lie! (I have seen desperate statements where they claimed it would have been visible “at the limb” of the Moon.) Why not do it at the front side of the Moon if you wanted to impress? I assert that the purported “environmental” reason both sides called this off is laughably bogus. If they didn’t/don’t care about all the atmospheric nuclear tests, all the D.U. (Depleted uranium) released etc. right here on Earth, does anyone buy this rationale for not proceeding with their plans? In my opinion, they didn’t end up nuking the dark side of the Moon because they tried and were stopped by OTHERS. Just as several of the Thor rockets were stopped before or after lift-off in the near Earth nuking events. This too is probably why those stopped— they were halted by OTHERS. And the creation of bigger, closer radiation belts I assert was not a natural consequence! Physicists would have been able to predict this, and wouldn’t have launched the nukes—it was not a “natural process” that created the newer, bigger belts, in my opinion! It was a deliberate act by OTHERS saying: “You want to destroy this Grid/Quarantine, OK now it is bigger and more impenetrable than before.” Indeed this article unlike the Wiki article, states that the new belts created after the nuking will last for “hundreds of years,” not the “five years” that the Wiki authors claim. I would wager the new stronger, larger belts are permanent, myself.

Now I assert there was something on the dark side of the Moon, the monsters in charge down here wanted to destroy. Just as there is something the monsters in charge down here wanted to destroy in the Space nearer to the Earth. The coupling of these two sets of nukings helps give the aim away. The dark side of the Moon is linked to the Grid around the Earth. There is likely a base there at the Moon, possibly a control center of the Grid/Quarantine. Indeed I have already released herein, at the comments section, what some ancient civilizations’ writings have left us, that the Moon was created/brought over some tens of thousands of years ago, and is an artificial body as numerous Soviet astronomers have stated. The uniform depth of craters regardless of their width is a clear impossibility! The very wide craters seen should have left very deep craters as the meteors hitting at those sites were vastly more massive—unless the Moon is an artifact. Speaking of Moon artifacts, this recent photo of Saturn’s moon, Iapetus, shows the equatorial ridge around that body and two hemispheres that don’t quite fit! Someone was in a hurry and did a bad job in creating that moon! Or were they letting us know, when we would be able to see it well enough, that OTHERS are around and in charge? (But don’t read much at that site—it claims that the laughably bogus Apollo program was real.) Most “authors/experts” deliberately and cleverly mix truth and lies. I post at this site because I could see that its owner is interested only in the truth.

Back to our Moon, the improbable solar eclipse and dark side always to the Earth (both of these having strategic value to the quarantiners), and the orbital fluctuations of lunar orbiting craft—said by some scientists, to be from a hollow Moon, are further indications of the artificial creation/bringing of the Moon. Some alternative historians claim that ancient writings depict both Moon-less skies and a tide-less Earth. But I agree with Spooked, there is also much misinfo/disinfo, and one should indeed view everything with skepticism, but should be open to new ideas if validated.

All the above points to a conclusion that those in charge of the US’and the USSR’s nuclear weapons, and missiles, wanted to destroy something on the dark side of the Moon, and in the space surrounding the Earth. This, of course, implies this nefarious force is in charge of Mankind (and his nukes and missiles, intelligence agencies, etc.) and perhaps always has been. There is massive evidence of the latter, including the 6,000 year old Sumerian “bible” (the source for the later Hebrew and then Christian bibles), and countless other ancient texts which have been, in modern times, derided as “myth. But now are seen, as people in their own time writing down events and history as they happened—and there was far more truth then than now! And thus the myth may be that those writings were myth. The Sumerian bible, and other ancient writings indicate that aliens were “cast down” here and created man “in their image” and to be their slaves. The latter condition continuing to this day—just ask someone who was in WTC 1 or 2 on 9/11, (if they could talk today.) The Sumerian bible depicts the double helix (double spiral snake) when it says “the gods created the Adam—the first man”. The Sumerians knew of DNA 6,000 years ago (because the “gods”/aliens told them of it.) The double snake became the symbol of medicine even now, 6,000 years later! It is called the Cauduceus. But the point is that these aliens who apparently created us and have been in charge ever since—hence all the wars, chaos and evil displayed— have been quarantined here, and have tried unsuccessfully to escape their quarantine for tens of thousands of years. I have made my own breakthroughs in understanding this and report now, for the first time, that what some have already described as evidence of ancient nuclear wars “among humans” was more likely the result of the quarantined ones (our evil creators) trying to break through the Grid, and failing, and the “Grid” then unleashing hell, with dire consequences for humanity, while the ones trying to break through (“God”) scurried back to their deep underground bases, while possibly suffering some losses—hopefully anyway. Such events include Sodom and Gomorrah’s destruction, and the “Deluge.” I know physicists who have found the fused sand at the Sodom and Gomorrah location indicative of a nuclear blast. And then there is the Mahabharata. This is an ancient Indian “bible” depicting events that differing experts say occurred from 8,000 to 24,000 years ago. Read the “sacred text” for yourself; does it not fit a nuclear war? What else fits a “flying craft unleashing a projectile with all the power of the Universe” and leaving charred human remains? Most alternative historians say it does, and say it is about ancient opposing human cities or countries nuking themselves. I release to the world now, what I think is a more likely hypothesis. The quarantined ones, our evil creators, tried to break through the Grid at various times, and the Grid unleashes hell each time. Indeed I teach people to see how the same scenarios are repeated over and over again. (Like the current Russian/American problem of the U.S. putting in missiles in Europe, just as the Americans put in Jupiter nuclear missiles in Turkey in the late 50’s to ostensibly lead to the Cuban Missile Crisis.) The Mahabharata supposedly says that one area wiped out is where Kashmir is today—where another nuclear war may break out! If a scenario worked before, they use it again, throughout history. Compare the Reichstag fire and 9/11 as excuses for the destruction of a Constitution and a Democracy, and each country sinking into a torturing, mass murdering monster. Compare the ancient Roman “Hail Caesar” salute and the “Heil [Hail] Hitler” salute. Indeed the PTB make a mass murdering regime out of the most powerful nation at all times in history: Rome, Vatican, England, Germany, the USA, China to follow. Behind the scenes each regime helping to create the next mass-murdering regime of another country, despite their being “enemies.” BTW, to see that ancient civilizations had much technology (despite what they teach at Universities), search for the “Baghdad battery.”

Now the Western “bible” says that one of “God’s commandments” was not to make any image of him. Why? In those days the “gods” walked among men, when they weren’t underground. And they knew they were being scanned from above, and did not want to be blasted for the cosmic criminals they are! Thus the need for this “commandment.” For the more advanced ones (the OTHERS in capitals as I have used them) in trying to kill our evil creators had already destroyed their hangout at the planet (Tiamat) which was between Mars and Jupiter—where the Asteroid Belt now is. Ancient civilizations’ writings claimed that Tiamat was very bright in the sky. The more advanced ones, not wishing to completely destroy the sentient beings they observed on Earth (that’s us, sometimes), set up a Quarantine/Grid that so many ancient civilizations refer to, e.g. the Chinese with their drawings of dragons surrounding the Earth. And yes even today, with e.g. the Firefox logo of an animal surrounding the Earth with one area left open. Now if Firefox wanted to encompass everybody (and what international business doesn’t), why leave out one area of the earth? Because those in charge are telling those who know, that they are looking for that one spot to break through the Grid and leave! And the Grid, or bio-net, scans for the DNA of anyone going through the atmosphere approaching space. Anyone with the DNA of the cosmic criminals (our “God”) is stopped, and blasted if it looks like they could completely escape. This includes humans as noted above. When John Glenn went a bit frantic about all the bodies at his craft, in 1962, he was speaking of the devices that were scanning him. They didn’t kill him because they ascertained his craft was not capable of leaving low Earth orbit. But NASA quickly brought him down with a bogus claim of a malfunctioning re-entry unit. (If that were true, he would have fried.) Every honest astronaut has reported being surrounded by such “UFOs”. There is much of this on the web. Look for the tether incident with one of the shuttle missions and you will know!

Finally we recently have the rebuilding of weapons such as missiles, nukes, lasers, the NSA— trying to “crack the code” of the quarantine— so as to send a signal/virus such as was done in the movie, “Independence Day” , to facilitate the cosmic criminals leaving and going back to ORION, by all the indications, their origin. I have indicated that the NASA “return to the Moon” logo for its “Project Orion” has the three Orion belt stars-– as did the Apollo program logo!-- but no Moon now— their supposed destination! And the video of Project Orion shows a blast after already leaving Earth orbit—depicting blasting through the Grid, IMO. Yes, for those who have knowledge of “ultimate truths,” the PTB do not hide their goals and methods! And NASA’s original Latin motto translated is “Through hardship, to the stars.” It’s all about the “gods” in charge here breaking through the Grid, and returning to Orion. NASA is not about Man. As I wrote, once you have this knowledge, you can understand everything that has happened, is happening, and may be about to happen. Everything important that happens down here is about our evil creators trying to break out. Another reason why you will see “news” about the U.S. regime weaponizing space “against terrorists.” But really about you know what now. But the OTHERS won’t allow it, unless they are defeated, then we may be in big trouble. Because they (our “gods”) may wish to eliminate all of us— leave no witnesses— as with the nuking of 9/11/01.

The events at the WTC on 9/11/01, which I have called a nuclear holocaust, were nothing less than the final stages of the destruction of the American “democracy” so as to facilitate what is coming. Something like a global nuclear event to try to overload the Grid/Quarantine so the cosmic criminals can leave. Indeed I assert this was the reason for the tens of thousands of nukes and ICBMs the U.S. and the USSR had/have, in the first place. There was never a need to nuke someone ten times over! Even more ridiculous when you learn, behind the scenes, the two countries were always “together.” But all wars have been bogus; all have been for the end you now know. There must always be some bogus excuse to start a global nuclear war— currently Iran. In my original thinking now, Hiroshima and Nagasaki were nothing less than events to show the quarantiners that the quarantined were willing and able (once again) to nuke the whole human race unless they were allowed to leave— and this IMO, was the reason for WWII itself! The cosmic criminals, as I call these self-proclaimed “gods,” or in fact their leader, wanting to be called “God”, once again, after losing some technology, or Man’s apparent holding of some technology (but perhaps not really), have regained the technology to try to break through the Grid again. It appears imminent alas. IMO, the quarantiners will never let them back out into the galaxy for the evil that they have likely done on many planets to many sentient beings they may have either created or interfered with and destroyed whether they created them or not. There may have been a galactic war. We may be the kidnapped hostages in this galactic war. And never forget the human filth in charge of mankind—the Presidents, the “Kings” are said to be of the “bloodline.” The bloodline goes all the way back to what the “bible” described as the “cast down” ones “coming into” [rape] the human women they had created, and giving rise to whatever names they are called— Nephilim, giants [imagine what must have happened to the poor human women], etc. But this is the origin of the “bloodline” which continues to the present day kings and presidents— having some DNA from the original “gods” that created Mankind. It is not a surprise that Bush, Clinton, Dole, Kerry are all related—and all related to that evil English King Longshanks who had William Wallace of Scotland “drawn and quartered.” Look up the last term if you don’t know what it means. The descendants of Longshanks are no less evil, and supposedly are in charge of Mankind, but, of course, taking orders from you know who now! The descendants of Longshanks will happily have us all “drawn and quartered”, or more easily nuked en masse, if we don’t wake up, and fight back, as the ones who created the quarantine/grid wish to see, and have aided us probably many times such as in disengaging nukes. Listen starting at 4:34 of this remarkable video of a govt scientist detail a UFO destroying a nuclear missile. Ignore the shill before him, who tries to put the wrong spin on all this. The NSA has also been temporarily disengaged by OTHERS (at least for a few days— imagine they couldn’t get themselves “plugged back in”). There has likely been much other intervention that we do not know about, and may be why we are still here.

Even the famous Roswell incident is tied in with this. Now the U.S. Army Air Force (USAAF, 1947) at first freely admitted this was an alien craft that came down. See the newspaper headline, it came from the Air Force until they then got their orders for 60 years of lies and cover-up. Most do not know, (and all conspiracy fields are headed by installed popular govt shills who hide the ultimate truths) that Roswell was the USAAF base for the world’s only atomic bomber group! And “OTHERS” (and I don’t mean the “Russkies”) apparently had found this out, and were perhaps going there to terminate these nukes so our cosmic criminals could not continue to nuke mankind! However, just as the OTHERS have control of space around the Earth, our cosmic criminals down here control much on the Earth and the atmosphere (most of the time), and were able to knock down this craft. Now that was a Directed Energy Weapon (DEW) far beyond what is acknowledged even today! The fate of the downed OTHERS—if any survived (and numerous eyewitnesses have said they did),-- you can imagine, in light of the recent public admission to fondness for torture and murder by the American regime and who controls them.

So while OTHERS may be trying to disengage nukes, they have not been completely successful. The proof may be in 9/11 itself and the apparent nuclear “incidents” of the OKC bombing, and the Baghdad airport in 2003, and maybe others that people mistakenly think were conventional bombs. So humans cannot, and should not, count on the helpful intervention of OTHERS whose main concern is likely for themselves in not allowing our cosmic criminals back into the Galaxy. We each need to examine if these things I explain are true, and then to inform everyone. Perhaps things are very much like some TV shows alas. If you recall “the Invaders” or the miniseries “V”? Each of us needs to enlighten and warn those we know as the first step. I have taken the time to enlighten you with this, without remuneration at this point, and indeed I have suffered a terrible, terrible price for such things already. But living in fear, living in a lie is not living. Overcome the fear. Lyndon Johnson’s term for the American people was “pissants” because, in part, they did nothing when their beloved President, John Fitzgerald Kennedy, was murdered by the government—and those who control it, for trying to prevent the things we have now! And yes, you can even look up, that he had wanted to warn the people about aliens and actually said, "I’d like to tell the public about the alien situation, but my hands are tied."

He was a man so far ahead, in so many ways, and the last President, and the last President to have cared about the American people, and the people of the world. He was therefore so dangerous to our monstrous controllers. Please listen (again) to his remarkable “Peace Speech.” You will know why they killed him. He was what the human race could be, if it were free of the monsters that control us. That most Americans do not know or care about getting justice for him, speaks volumes about much of the human race, and the success of the monsters in control of mankind. For he knew well, what was likely to be done to him, yet he persisted in trying to control these evil forces, and to stop wars. If only each of us had his guts and his wisdom, we might likely succeed against the bare handful of monsters and their human lackeys--the modern day Gestapo--in control. They shoot a good President, and poison other citizens who told the world that his government driver killed him, because they know they could lose, if the people ever woke up.

When learning of these startling, new ideas for the first time, the enlightened person should research them for him/herself.

It is hoped that you will see both the unstoppable logic of these ideas, and all the evidence of thousands of years, and the monstrosities of todays’ world where it’s actually easy to prove that it’s not about money or oil— it’s far worse than all that. If you think they need to do a 9/11, or perennial war, for “money”, just recall the Bush family stealing billions during the Savings and Loan scandals of the 1980's (and getting away with it); or the $2.3 trillion Rumsfeld announced, on 9/10/01 was “missing” (and spent on “something”) from the Pentagon budget (and they got away with that). And then research (as I have) how there is 1. vastly more oil than admitted (but, of course, it’s finite), 2. much evidence that oil is abiotic, and that “peak oil” is a scam for perennial war, and 3. they could easily use alternatives now, if they wanted, including solar, wind, geothermal, tidal, other, and the “cold fusion” a corrupt physicist helped shoot down. No, the open-minded person can prove that 9/11 and the perennial wars have never been about money or oil. It’s far worse, and now you know what it has always been about. Now you will be able to understand things. The author has taken the time to write this for you, in the hopes that you will think and act, and tell everyone about all this now, just as the first step. Be well.

The Anonymous Physicist

UPDATE 6/19/07:

Picture of a real moon with real craters-- Phoebe.

NASA worker describing bases on the dark side of the Moon on Youtube.